The Patient Portal at Moab Regional Hospital is hosted by "My Care Corner" and your account can ONLY be set-up using the link in the invitation email that was sent to you by the Admissions Clerk when you set-up or checked-in for your appointment.

The INVITATION LINK is essential! It's the only way for you to successfully sign up for the patient portal. The New User "Sign Up" button on the homepage is a trap! DO NOT TRY TO SET-UP A NEW USER ACCOUNT WITHOUT THE EMAIL LINK. Also, the website functions much better on a computer rather than a mobile device.

To search your inbox for the invite email, try this information:

                FROM: Moab Regional Hospital Patient Portal <>

                SUBJECT: Portal Registration

Can't find the email from Moab Regional Hospital with the Patient Portal link? Need other technical assistance? Call Main Admissions at 435-719-3500.