Moab Regional Hospital is dedicated to supporting you and your baby during pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.

Our personalized approach to obstetrics services allows us to deliver the highest care for you and your baby! Choosing how to welcome your baby into the world is a significant decision for expectant parents. Our talented physicians, skilled OB nursing team, and labor and delivery suites make Moab Regional Hospital the ideal place for a safe and comfortable delivery. Our team works to deliver attentive, compassionate care for you and your baby.

Our goal is to provide excellent care while honoring your birth preferences.

We are proud to have a specialized obstetric nursing team on staff dedicated to supporting pregnant individuals throughout their pregnancy, labor, and delivery. The dedicated OB nurses have training tailored to obstetric care, including, skin-to-skin post-delivery care and baby-led latch breastfeeding techniques. Our nurses provide both inpatient and outpatient services to support patients who wish to breastfeed.

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Your labor, your vision.

We can help you tailor your birth preferences with the following:
  • Birthing chairs
  • Birthing balls
  • Birthing pool
  • Natural birth, with non-medication comfort measures
  • Epidurals, nitrous oxide, and other pain management measures
  • Skin-to-skin post-birth care
  • Baby-led latch breastfeeding
  • Lactation consults
The birthing pool provides a comfortable and safe environment for laboring mothers.
The birthing pool provides a comfortable and safe environment for laboring mothers.

Schedule a tour to learn about our birthing facilities!

Come learn more about our birthing facilities by scheduling a tour. You will have the opportunity to view the labor and delivery spaces, meet members of the obstetric nursing team, and ask questions as you plan for your upcoming birth.

Meet Our Obstetric Team:

Tiffany Butler3-Edit
Tiffany Butler, RN

OB Nurse Manager

Traci Jones4-Edit
Traci Jones, RN
Avery Black2-Edit
Avery Black, RN
Kendralynn Carpenter-Edit-Edit
Kendralynn Carpenter, RN
Kathy Standifird2-Edit-2-Edit
Kathy Standifird, RN
Connie Wilson4-Edit
Connie Wilson, RN
Rachel Parker3-Edit
Rachel Parker, RN