Shuttle Service


FREE shuttle service now available for patients of Moab Regional Hospital and Recovery Center!


  1. Ask your provider if you qualify. Shuttle service is for nonemergency and non-medical* transport only.
    *Non-medical transport means you don't need any medical equipment or monitoring during transit.
  2. Call 435-719-3970 or work with your provider to coordinate initial shuttle pick-up with shuttle driver.
  3. Shuttle driver will take you to and from your appointment.
  4. For repeat appointments, contact shuttle driver directly to schedule your own pick-up.


    Q: How much does the shuttle cost?
    A: It is free, as long as you are a patient of Moab Regional Hospital or the Recovery Center.

    Q: How far away can riders be transported?
    A: Shuttle can transport riders up to 2 hours beyond Moab, such as Price, UT, Blanding, UT, and Grand Junction, CO.

    Q: Will I have to ride with other passengers in the shuttle?
    A: It is possible that more than one rider will be transported at a time, depending on scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs.

    Q: Is the shuttle available 24/7?
    A: No, the shuttle is only available Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm, and must be scheduled in advance.

    Q: What if pick-up or drop-off for my appointment is outside of the regular shuttle schedule?
    A: Contact the shuttle driver to see if your pick-up or drop-off time can be accommodated.

For more information call:

Moab Regional Shuttle Services efefef

Meet our shuttle driver:

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Lucinda Edwards