Shuttle Service

FREE shuttle service for patients to and from Moab Regional Hospital and the Recovery Center.



  1. Ask your provider if you qualify. Shuttle service is for nonemergency and non-medical* transport only.
    *Non-medical transport means you don't need any medical equipment or monitoring during transit.
  2. Shuttle driver will take you to and from your appointment at Moab Regional Hospital or the Recovery Center.
  3. Call 435-719-3920 to schedule your pickup.


    Q: How much does the shuttle cost?
    A: It is free for patients going to and from appointments at Moab Regional Hospital or the Recovery Center.

    Q: Will I have to ride with other passengers in the shuttle?
    A: It is possible that more than one rider will be transported at a time, depending on scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs.

    Q: Is the shuttle available 24/7?
    A: No, the shuttle is usually available Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm and must be scheduled in advance. 

    Q: What if pick-up or drop-off for my appointment is outside of the regular shuttle schedule?
    A: Call 435-719-3920 to see if your pick-up or drop-off time can be accommodated.

For more information call:

Moab Regional Shuttle Services efefef

Meet our shuttle driver:

MRH Recovery Center Ribbon Cutting
Lucinda Edwards